Team HMB

From left to right…
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β—ˆ Wes C.Production Master

β—ˆ Jason S. – Limited 10 Grand Master (#7 Overall at 2021 USPSA Low-Cap Nationals)

β—ˆ Chris S. (top) – Production Grand Master (#21 in Production USPSA Low-Cap Nationals, 2nd Master at USPSA Carry Optics Nationals )

β—ˆ Matt H. (bottom) – Carry Optics & Prod. Grand Master & Team RSF Shooter (2021 VA State Carry Optics Champion, #11 at USPSA Carry Optics Nationals! 92.34%)

β—ˆ Ryan Z.Production Master

β—ˆ Ted Z. – Single Stack B – Class

β—ˆ Mike S. (not pictured) Production Grand Master (#10 at 2021 Production USPSA Low-Cap Nationals, 2021 USPSA AREA 7 Production Champion)

β—ˆ Pia H. (not pictured) Production B – Class

β—ˆ Kenny S. (not pictured)

β—ˆ Team HMB Instagram


β—ˆ U Suck At Shooting
β—ˆ Lok Grips
β—ˆ Iron American liquid chalk – Code 10TEAMHMB

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